While lots of us want to shake up our routines to become more healthy, an active resolution doesn’t need to rely on an expensive gym membership or a new pair of trainers.

In fact, one of the simplest resolutions we can make to change our lifestyles for the better is just to sit less, and move more.
Because from working at a desk to driving in the car, sitting down for long periods of time increasingly represents the norm at both work and home.

And it seems it is doing us no good at all.Prolonged sitting can quickly change how our bodies function, increasing metabolic risk even if we are lean or otherwise physically active.

Luckily, breaking up sitting time with a little light activity at least every hour can go a long way.

And by working out simple ways to change your routine to become more active, like making sure you leave your desk each lunchtime, movement can become more than just a hopeful resolution but an automatic habit – and that’s how new behaviours stick.All in all, physical activity offers wide-ranging benefits – everything from helping to prevent dementia and cancer, to simply boosting your mood and giving you more energy.

That’s why we’re appealing for people to make their lives a little less sedentary for a happy and healthy 2017.