At Seven Stones, we’ve been involved in healthcare communications working with a wide variety of commercial and charitable organisations for a long time.

Some years ago, we started taking an evidence-based approach to sports and exercise promotion too – with backgrounds spanning research science, consumer behaviour, elite sports coaching and design, it seemed a natural evolution.

The NSPAC started out as a bit of fun, but the issues behind it are deadly serious.

Physical inactivity has become one of the biggest threats our society faces.

It is implicated in numerous chronic diseases, and so challenges the sustainability of our health service. It threatens the resilience of the nation’s workforce, and so challenges our global competitiveness.

So we work both with healthcare professionals promoting prescription of physical activity, and also with companies to make movement in the workplace the default.

Proud to practice what we preach, we came up with NSPAC to help spread the message further. So please join in, spread the word and share your own chair stories.